Zambia Label Requirements

The Zambian Type Approval Regulation instates the obligation to affix labels on approved equipments.

The Authority shall cause to be displayed a type approval label on electronic communications apparatus which complies with approved technical conditions.
A type approval label shall state—
a. the letters or symbols that identify the Authority;
b. that type approval has been granted; and
c. the type approval reference number in respect of the
approved apparatus.
(SI 6 of 2011, art 6 &7)[1]

The labeling requirements have been detailed by the Type approval Guidelines

Template shows ZICTA Logo and the approval ID [2] Zambia Zicta type approval label
Design: Colors, size, fonts are set by the Guidelines [3]
Label must be affixed on the equipement [4] . It can also be affixed on the packaging and on the user manual but it is not mandatory.[5]
Alternatives can be proposed but they must be approved in written by ZICTA[6]
The manufacturer or his localrep or the person responsible of placing the product in the market are responsible on affixing the label[7]
When to label: ZICTA inspectors check most importations at port of entry and expect the label to be affixed[8]. Imported devices with no affixed label may be expelled out of the country
Sanctions: Not affixing label is an offense that invalidate the grant of type approval.[9][10]

IMPORTANT NOTE:There is a new guideline under review that requires the label to be placed on the equipment as well as on the packaging and user manual[11]. While this is a new provision to come, ZICTA inspectors are currently expecting the label to show in all those places and ordering to open all boxes if they are not able to find the label on the packaging.

Realtime does not expect any transition period for the new label requirements to enter in force and hence recommends that the manufacturer starts affixing the label in all those locations without waiting for the enforcement of the new guidelines.

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