Canada – Technical Standard for License Exempt use of the 6GHz Band

The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is opening a call for comments on:  “Radio Local Area Network (RLAN) Devices in the 5925-7125 MHz band” which sets out the certification requirements for  licence-exempt WIFI 6E Full details can be found here, and this consultation is open until August 16, 2021.

Morocco : ANRT Approves Wi-Fi 6E and 24 GHz Radars

The use of Wi-Fi 6E is made possible following the publication of Decision ANRT / DG / N ° 07/2021 of May 2021 modifying and supplementing the technical conditions of use of radio installations made up of low power devices and low range.
This new decision brings some other novelties such as the use of omnidirectional obstacle detection radars in the 24-24.25 GHz band, low power low range portable devices operating in certain frequency bands.

Concerning Wi-Fi 6E :

BandsOutput PowerComments
5925-6425 MHz200 mW EIRPIndoor Use Only.
Use onboard of vehicles/wheeled vehicles is not allowed.
5925-6425 MHz
25 mW EIRPCan also be used for portable devices (smartphones, connected objects) Indoor and Outdoor.
Use for drones is not allowed.

Regarding the extension of the 2.4 GHz band :

BandOutput Power Comment
24-24.25 GHz200 mW EIRP maxThis band is intended for
omnidirectional obstacle detection
radars and motion detection radars

Please feel free to inquire if you have more questions

Oman: Consultation on the Use of the 6 GHz Frequency Band for Wi-Fi Technology

TRA is calling for comment on the intent to make the lower part of the frequency band 6 GHz (5925-6425 MHz) available for WiFi and other RLAN devices on license-exempt basis.

The comment window will close within 5 weeks from the date of publication of the consultation document (March 30th 2021)