UAE: TDRA awarded ISO 17065 certification for its telecom devices accreditation system

TDRA of UAE has announced that its National Telecom Equipment Lab had been awarded ISO 17065 certification for telecom devices accreditation system.

TDRA obtained the certification from Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) .

Last year, TDRA obtained the ISO 17025 certification for the National Telecom Equipment Lab and the ISO 17020 for telecom market inspection and control.

United Arab Emirates – TDRA now discloses information on approved devices

United Arab Emirates TDRA started  disclosing information on devices they  approved. Information disclosed are general product information, the manufacturer and the list of technical standards. 

TDRA says that the list will be updated on a daily basis. we do not yet if it is possible to enter with TDRA in a non disclosure agreement. 
Link to the list at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority website:

UAE: TRA Allocates New Frequencies for 5G Networks

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority announced on Sept 15th 2020 that new spectrum will be released to the operators inline with the recommendations of WRC 19.

The release will be effected in two phases starting sept 1st 2020. at the end of the two phases, each operator will be assigned 1GHz of spectrum in n the millimeter wave range between 24.25 – 27.5 GHz