Nigeria NCC says 5G auction to start on December 13th

NCC announced that the 5G auction in the 3.5GHz band will be launched on December 13th 2021. The announcement was made during a forum organized with stakeholders

Few weeks ago, NCC called for comments on the Info Memo that provides information, conditions, obligations, financial implication, timelines and other necessary details on the planned 3.5Ghz spectrum auction.

Nigeria NCC: New opinion on type of Samples

In June 2021, NCC informed stakeholders having interests in Type approval that it will no longer accept non-commercial grade of samples of any equipment submitted for Type Approval especially for notebooks/tablets and phones.

From now and on, Samples accompanying the Type approval application should be as sold on the market

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Nigeria NCC new TA pricing scheme, July 1st

We remind our customers that NCC fees are going more than 150% higher for applications invoiced by NCC after July 1st. Realtime implemented a new pricing scheme as a consequence of this major increase in fees.

We continue to improve our service in this country and our leadtime is around 6 weeks in average.
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Nigeria NCC publishes Draft Deployment plan for 5G Networks in Nigeria

Nigeria aims to become one of the leading nations in the new digital economy and NCC identifies 5G deployment as a key factor to ensure that the Federal Government policy is accomplished

This document outlines strategy that will enable the deployment of 5G Technology in such a manner that will be most beneficial to the Nation and the end users.

The document calls for comment on different aspects of the 5G deployments:

  • Available bands
  • Health and Safety
  • Sharing infrastructures
  • Applications of 5G
  • pricing models