Egypt issues IoT Regulatory Framework

Egypt published on its website the regulatory framework ed Jan 2022.

The framework details the different licenses needed for the provision of each element of the IoT value chain. In total, five entities can be licensed/authorized to act on the IoT value chain:

  • Existing MNOs can offer services through LTE-M and NBIoT as well as through non cellular LPWAN using 863-870MHz
  • IoT network operators  can provide connectivity and services through Non Cellular LPWAN  based on 863-870MHz 
  • Satellite Operators  can only provide network connectivity
  • IoT service provider can be licensed to offer IoT services to others. 
  • Government Entities can be authorized to establish IoT platform for own use and may use IoT service providers to offer service for others.

More details on the LPWAN bands allowed for non cellular IoT as well as the full document of the regulatory framework can be found in our Knowledge Center.

For those with no much time to read the whole framework, NTRA issued an overview document that highlights the main points.

Saudi Arabia CICT Publishes MVNO and IoT-VNO licensing terms

On 31th of October 2018, CICT published on their website the licensing terms for MVNO and IoT-VNO.

“The terms and conditions of the IoT-VNO license indicate the eligibility of licensees to obtain Class A license to provide the services of the Virtual Internet Operator,  confirming that this license is an extension of its efforts to keep up The latest global technologies and the development of the telecommunications market, the development of the telecommunications market and opening up the field while stimulating new companies to invest in the market” Says CITC on their website…

The documents are in arabic, English version is not yet available.  However, send us a request and we will send you the english version when it becomes available. (info at

License terms for MVNO and IoT-VNO

Click to access PL-SP-021-A-MVNO.pdf

Application process

Click to access PL-LD-041-A-Iot-VNO.pdf

TCRA Tanzania: Public Consultation on Numbering Plan for IoT and M2M

On 3rd of May, TCRA Tanzania, published a public consultation on proposed numbering plan for Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Responses are due on 31 May 2018. Full text of the public consultation can be found on  the authority website 

If you need any support with this consultation, please contact us on