Comoros ANRTIC Publishes new regulation on SRD usage and conditions

On November 14th, ANRTIC Comoros published new regulation on SRD usage. The regulation text adopts mainly ITU-R SM 2153-6 and ERC REC (70-03) recommendation.

Wigig is now allowed in the 57-66GHz band, EN 302 567. Also, 5GHz Wlan bands are confirmed as 5150-5350Mhz/5470-5725MHz/5725-5850MHz

Regulation states that SRD devices are license free but resellers have obligations to maintain a registry of identification of customers as well as of the devices. Resellers have also the obligation to inform their customer about the usage conditions.

Regarding type approval, the new regulation does not explicitly mention if SRD requires type approval or exempted. Realtime contacted Authority and confirmed that type approval is mandatory and explicitly required by the Telecom Act.

For full text of the regulation, please contact info at

Comoros ANRTIC publishes new version of National Frequency plan

On 14 Nov 2018, ANRTIC publishes on its website 2018 version of the National frequency Plan. The Decree is dated of 30 october 2018 and states that Comoros updated the NFP in line with the latest WRC resoluions adopted by Comoros

A copy of this NFP can be found here

Click to access 5bea95e4ad170.pdf