SRD in Algeria: ANF vs ARPCE.

As published already, new act of law gazetted in June 2018  introduced a split of RF approval responsability between ANF and ARPCE (ex ARPT). ARPCE to focus on devices that connect to public network while ANF processes all what do not connect to public network. Most SRD is among those devices but not only SRD. Private radio, Microwave links also fall under scope of ANF.
As a reminder, SRDs was not regulated before the new act of law came into force. Only BT was processed by ARPCE and RFID was processed by ANF. Wifi is under scope of ARPCE as it also used in public wifi networks
Having said that, this provision of law is not yet in force as ANF is not ready to take responsability for SRD. All application texts needed to implement the provision are not published yet. The main text we wait for is the assignment of frequency bands to SRD. Right now, there is no regulatory decision on what bands are opened for SRD in Algeria (Beside BT and RFID as I said i previous paragraph).
In july, ARPCE decided to continue to accept BT only applications for two months. Even if this exception period expired,  ARPCE continues as per today to accept BT only applications. We have being able to apply in 9 of september for instance. However, they didnt give any new D date for switch to ANF. It can happen any time soon.
Also, ANF process is still under design. There are no much information on what SRD process will be like. I will publish news as they arrive
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