Tanzania calls for comment on the draft technical specification for IoT devices

(Update November 19th 2021, TCRA just published the final version of the guidelines. you can find it on their website)

The following post was first published on October 23rd

TCRA published their first version of the draft technical specification for IoT devices (UE or BS) which employ NB-IoT Category NB1 and/or M1 rel 13 onwards.

The draft specification states the RF, EMC, SAR, Safety standards for conformity assessment as well as applicable bands within which the devices shall operate:

The draft can be found on the authority website. Interested parties can send their comments before Oct 31st 2021

Botswana BOCRA to link Type approval to the obligation to service repair

Botswana BOCRA is calling for comments on Draft of Type approval and repair center guidelines. The draft was published on Friday November 6th 2021.

The guidelines which are supposed to be enforced in April 2022 call for the Type approval requestor to ensure that

  • Approved equipments are maintained and repaired in centers accredited by the authority
  • Consumers are provided with aftersales support
  • formal agreements with local and international partners exist
  • a register of repair centers under partnership is maintained
  • dispose off electronic waste

Parties interested to give feedback on this consultation can fill this form.

Nigeria NCC says 5G auction to start on December 13th

NCC announced that the 5G auction in the 3.5GHz band will be launched on December 13th 2021. The announcement was made during a forum organized with stakeholders

Few weeks ago, NCC called for comments on the Info Memo that provides information, conditions, obligations, financial implication, timelines and other necessary details on the planned 3.5Ghz spectrum auction.