Qatar CRA issues a new Frequency Plan

Qatar CRA issued a new edition of the National Frequency Allocations and special assignements. These new edition comes with a summary of assignement for Telecommunication services like Maritime service, Broadcast; Mobile, Short Range devices….etc…

The edition Feb 2022 can be downloaded from our knowledge Center

Ivory Coast: ARTCI says Sample is mandatory from now on

ARTCI Ivory Coast informed all potential applicants that they need to submit a sample for every product they want to approve or face the application to be rejected at the front desk level.

This is not a change in the regulation but rather an enforcement of existing regulation

South Africa issues Amendment of the unlicensed bands list.

After issuance of a draft in 2019, South Africa ICASA issued on Dec 15th 2021 the amendment of the radio frequency spectrum regulation listing allowed bands for unlicensed bands. The new regulations came with the following modifications:

  • More bands for inductive applications allowing more deployment for Wireless charger beyond 135KHz (135-148.5KHz and 148.5-5000KHz)
  • New RFID Band 400-600KHz -8dbuA/m @10m
  • UWB: 3100-4800MHz & 6000-9500 MHz
  • 5725-5875MHz added for Non Specific Applications EN 300440 and for Wireless Industrial Applications EN 303 258
  • Radar 57-64Ghz EN 305550
  • 63-64GHz for ITS
  • 77-81GHz for RTTT

These are the main changes our customers were asking about all the time.. finally, we have them now!

The regulation can be found on the authority website

South Africa: Invitation to bid for IMT spectrum

By legal notice N°717 of 2021, ICASA announced on Dec 10th the opening of the auction process for the application for the following bands: 703 – 790 MHz (“IMT700”), 790 – 862 MHz (“IMT800”), 2500 -2690MHz (“IMT2600”), and 3400 – 3600 MHz (“IMT3500”)

Interested persons can submit their applications no later than January 31st 2022