Qatar CRA issues a new Frequency Plan

Qatar CRA issued a new edition of the National Frequency Allocations and special assignements. These new edition comes with a summary of assignement for Telecommunication services like Maritime service, Broadcast; Mobile, Short Range devices….etc…

The edition Feb 2022 can be downloaded from our knowledge Center

Senegal ARPT issues a new Regulation for SRDs

On March 17th, ARTP issued a new regulation for Short Range Devices Regulations.

The new regulation opens new bands for new applications:

  • more bands are allowed for inductive applications like Wireless Chargers
  • 24.05-24.5GHz and 77-81GHz are open for RTTT
  • 57-64GHz is allowed for Non specific applications including radars
  • more bands for radiodetermination, TLPR, TLP
  • 6000-8500MHz for Non Specific including UWB

For the full copy of the regulation, you are invited to download from our knowledge center

Egypt issues IoT Regulatory Framework

Egypt published on its website the regulatory framework ed Jan 2022.

The framework details the different licenses needed for the provision of each element of the IoT value chain. In total, five entities can be licensed/authorized to act on the IoT value chain:

  • Existing MNOs can offer services through LTE-M and NBIoT as well as through non cellular LPWAN using 863-870MHz
  • IoT network operators  can provide connectivity and services through Non Cellular LPWAN  based on 863-870MHz 
  • Satellite Operators  can only provide network connectivity
  • IoT service provider can be licensed to offer IoT services to others. 
  • Government Entities can be authorized to establish IoT platform for own use and may use IoT service providers to offer service for others.

More details on the LPWAN bands allowed for non cellular IoT as well as the full document of the regulatory framework can be found in our Knowledge Center.

For those with no much time to read the whole framework, NTRA issued an overview document that highlights the main points.

Ivory Coast: ARTCI says Sample is mandatory from now on

ARTCI Ivory Coast informed all potential applicants that they need to submit a sample for every product they want to approve or face the application to be rejected at the front desk level.

This is not a change in the regulation but rather an enforcement of existing regulation