Mauritius: New framework for ICT equipment market entry

Mauritius ICTA published a new framework [Clearance_Regulations2019] for entry of ICT Equipements into the Mauritian Market.  The new framework enters in force as per 1st October 2019

Importers are required to:

1- Be a fully licensed dealer in order to trade in ICT market.

2- Apply online for a clearance authorization for each import of ICT equipments

3- Import products that comply with the new published List of technical standards

4- Be in the possession of all relevant compliance documentation.


ICTA  also listed  ICT  products into 7 categories depending on applicable scheme. I will focus on those imports for commercial purposes in this post for seek of clarity. Those lists are:

  • List C: For this list, Equipment is cleared based on a declaration of compliance signed by Importer…

List C

  • List B: Equipment that still need Type Approval Certificate to Enter the Market

List B

  • List G: Equipment in this list do not need Type approval nor Clearance authorization

List G.jpg

Routers, Switches, Firewalls as well as wireless toys under toys safety directives are out of the scope of this regulation…

Other published lists are for imports for non commercial use as well as prohibited equipments.

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