Algeria ARPCE issues new Type Approval Regulation

On October 16th, ARPCE Board approved a new Type Approval Regulation. It was published on ARPCE website on October 18th.
Each new ARPCE regulation comes with new type of challenges. This time challenges are:
1- Certificate of Origin is a new requirement. This come as a replacement of the Delocalisation Letter where Manufacturer used to state Country of Manufacturer.

2- There is no renewal process. Renewal applications are considered as new applications
3- Certificates of Conformity issued by accredited labs are new requirements. Labs accreditation certificates needed as well.
4- Test reports older ²than 3 years can be accepted if manufacturer signs a statement that the equipment is not discontinued.

The regulation comes with two improvements:
1- Original DoC can be replaced  with an electronically signed DoC
2- Validity is 3 years instead of 2 years
3- ARPCE will not require Test reports if they have them in their possession from older projects. ARPCE will disclose list of what they possess on their website.

Here is the full text of the new regulation.
Customers with pending applications will be contacted by their account manager with an evaluation of each project. As Always Please feel free to inquire if any need

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