Jordan – TRC issues eSIM regulation

TRC issued a regulation on eSIM  on November 11th 2019

TRC issued a regulation on eSIM  on November 11th 2019.
  1.  All devices that have electronic remote programmable chipset eSIM will be used in Jordan must :
  • Be programmed by licensed local telecommunications network operators in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • The profiles data shall be uploaded to these devices by the licensed local telecommunications network operators. Otherwise, these devices shall lose their connection with the Jordanian telecommunications networks within a maximum period of 90 days.
  • All systems and storage units, including equipment and other software related to eSIM must be approved in accordance with GSMA criteria for remote programmable SIM technology infrastructure
  •  All data and records related to the integrated electronic segments eSIM must be contained within the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan only

2- The eSIM equipment to be used and sold in Jordan must be:

a-      Interoperable and compatible with GSMA OTA specifications

b-      Complies with GSMA SAS and ISO 27001 standard requirements and security standards.

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