Senegal ARPT issues a new type approval regulation

On 27th August 2021, a new regulation has been issued but not yet published on the authority website.

The regulation publishes a template of label to be affixed on the equipment with a possibility to adapt the label to the size of the equipment.

The regulation also requires a sample. The same provision existed in the old regulation but was never enforced. Realtime confirmed that the sample waiver provision will be maintained for the time being.

SAUDI ARABIA: CITC Launched a call for comment on Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

CITC is developing a Regulation under the Telecommunications Act entitled “Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)”. The Regulation establishes minimum requirements for the protection of the public and workers from risks to their health arising or likely to arise from their exposure to RF fields in the frequency range 8.3 KHz to 300 GHz.

Participants wishing to present their comments in this Public Consultation must submit these in writing to CITC no later than Sep 01, 2021.

Uganda – UCC warns against the use of Network repeaters “Boosters” due to interference

UCC warned through, a public notice published on July 26th, against the unauthorized used of boosters on mobile networks and their effect on the quality of service.

UCC also informs that it will take enforcement actions starting on August 1st 2021.

Eid Celebrations

All the Muslim world will be celebrating Eid starting next week starting for some countries on July 20th. The celebration lasts from 2 to 6 days depending on countries.

Realtime expects many reviewers to be out of the office for a whole week and the type approval process to slow down.

If you have any concern about a country under our scope, please let the project manager know

South Africa moves to level 4 Alert amid surge in covid-19 cases.

The President of South Africa announced on June 27th new restrictions of mobility due to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases (3rd wave)

We expect ICASA to continue to function normally for projects not requiring handling of samples

More information on the restrictions measures can be found on this document