Algeria ARPCE updates the type approval regulation

On October 13th 2021, ARPCE updated the current type approval decision No. 28/SP/PC/ARPCE/2019 OF October 16, 2019, with two provisions.

1- The activity codes for manufacturing and importing telephony and sensitive devices are still needed but the provision has been reworded to make it more resilient to ongoing changes of activity codification.

2- ARPCE requires the importer of the approved devices to communicate, within one month from the commercialization, the serial numbers and IMEI of the said devices

The regulation can be found on the authority website

Jordan, TRC released a draft regulation on RLAN bands (including WIFI 6E)

After showing interest, in December 2020, in allowing 6GHz bands for WIFI 6E, On October 12th 2021, TRC published a final draft (Arabic only) of the proposed RLAN regulation and gives 30 days to stakeholders to comment.

Here are the proposed changes

Current Regulation Proposed bands
2400-2483.5MHz, 100mW
5150-5250MHz 200mW
5725-5875MHz , 200mW Indoor only,
2400-2483.5MHz, 100mW
5150-5350MHz 200mW
5470-5725MHz 1 W, TPC mandatory
5725-5875MHz , 200mW Indoor only,
5925-6425 MHz (200mW Indoor Only, 25mW Outdoor/Indoor)

Kuwait CITRA: New TA regulation published,

(Update October 17th) CITRA issued the English version of the regulation. It can be downloaded from the authority website

(Update Sept 29th 2021): CITRA raised the type approval fee with no prior notice to make it 3 times the current fee. Realtime will update its customer on the new pricing for this country.

CITRA published a new regulation (arabic only) for type approval.. Main changes:

1- Approval validity increased to 3 years from 1 year

2- Approval ID is maintained unchanged in case of renewal

3- Renewal application needs to start not before 3 months before expiry and no more than 20 days after expiry. If no application is received within these limits, the certificate will be cancelled

There is no transition period but Realtime ongoing applications are receiving a one year only validity.

We are still interacting with the authority to check the applicability of other provisions and will update as soon as possible on our finding

Malawi MACRA concluded its consultation for new type approval and fees regulation

on Sept 10th 2021, MACRA concluded its public consultation process and issued a feedback on comments its received from stakeholders as well as a draft regulation has been published.

The main points are as follow:

1- Macra sets a 45 days to process the approval

2- Macra will issue identification mark for labelling of approved devices. It will be possible to use e-identification or affix the identification on the packaging under certain conditions

3- The fees are increased and depending on the category of the device.

The regulations, once promulgated by the Minister, shall become effective after its publication in the official gazette.