Tanzania TCRA: Minimum Technical Specification for Base Station Repeaters

On May 3rd, TCRA Tanzania published minimal technical specification for Base Station repeaters.

The cellular Base Station should operate in the following bands
925 MHz – 960 MHz /880 MHz – 915 MHz
791 MHz – 821 MHz /832 MHz – 862 MHz
1 805 MHz – 1 880 MHz /1710 MHz – 1785 MHz
2110 MHz – 2170 MHz /1920 MHz – 1980 MHz
2300 MHz – 2400 MHz/ 2300 MHz – 2400 MHz
2570 MHz – 2620 MHz /2570 MHz – 2620 MHz
2620 MHz – 2690 MHz /2500 MHz – 2570 MHz
3400 MHz – 3600 MHz/ 3400 MHz – 3600 MHz

Vendors shall demonstrate that the cellular base stations and repeater equipment have been tested and certified for operating in the frequency bands stated above  and
conformity to any or a combination the standards and all applicable standards
referenced in the specification document.

You can access the full document on TCRA website
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Tanzania TCRA : Minimal Technical Specifications for Radio Hearing Aids

On May 3rd 2018, TCRA publishes on their website two new specifications for Radio Hearing Aids and for Base Station Repeaters.

Radio hearing Aids devices can be approved in the 173.965-174.015 MHz band and testing should be carried out by manufacturer to insure the compliance to the following standards:

EN 300 422-2/ EN 301489-1-3-9/EN 300220-3/ EN60950/EN60215

Please follow this link to the source of this information

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Kenya: Guideline on the use of devices in IoT

on 20th April 2018, Kenya Communication Authority published new guidelines for use of devices in IoT.

According to this guideline, Type approval applications of eSIM based devices are now processed by CA and are required to comply to GSMA RSP Architecture
Version 2.014 of October 2016 and its successors.

Full text of the guidelines can be found CA Website here

Mozambique INCM: Prohibition of equipment harmful to telecommunications services

By press release dated on 14 March,  INCM Communications Regulatory Authority showed strong  determination to crack down on the in-country use of   of radiocommunications and telecommunications equipment that cause harmful interference to different telecommunications services. In the press release, it is also stressed that it will confiscate all equipment not approved or that violate the legislation in force.

Here is the full text of the press release.

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