Namibie CRAN ammended Type Approval regulations

Namibia CRAN gazetted an amendment Type approval regulation 11 sept 2019

Here are the mains points:

1- Type approval will be equipment specific and not per person. It means that any third party can get a copy of an existing type approval certificate by applying through  simplified certificate scheme

2- Validity of certificate is 3 years, no change from previous regulation.  Renewal applications to be submitted within a period of less than 30 days and no more than 60 days from date of expiry.

3- a new list of  “Telecommunication Equipements” that are exempted from type approval

CRAN exemption list

4- Telecommunication Equipments exempted from Type approval still need to be declared to Authority prior to their import

This list of exemption adds up with the previous published list of devices  that are not considered by CRAN as Telecommunication equipments and hence exempted from type approval. (as per STATEMENT OF INTERPRETATION OF THE DEFINITION OF

CRAN not communication equipment

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Namibia CRAN gazetted  on October 31st, 2018 its intention to amend regulations in regard to Type Approval and Technical Standards for Telecommunications Equipment published under General Notice No. 22 dated 30 January 2015.
The Authority invites the public to submit comments in writing to the Authority within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice in the Gazette. Deadline is then 29 November 2018.

The main changes proposed by CRAN are:

1- Type approval certificate are to become per equipment: initial certificate holder will loose the exclusivity to use the certificate
2- CRAN commits to maintain a public registry of approved  and exempted devices. CRAN already maintains such information on the database but it lacks regularity. There is no indication on information to be disclosed nor frequency of such publication.
3- Fees will be increased by 15% in average

Here is the full draft of the regulation.


We welcome your comments on this draft regulation.

Comoros ANRTIC Publishes new regulation on SRD usage and conditions

On November 14th, ANRTIC Comoros published new regulation on SRD usage. The regulation text adopts mainly ITU-R SM 2153-6 and ERC REC (70-03) recommendation.

Wigig is now allowed in the 57-66GHz band, EN 302 567. Also, 5GHz Wlan bands are confirmed as 5150-5350Mhz/5470-5725MHz/5725-5850MHz

Regulation states that SRD devices are license free but resellers have obligations to maintain a registry of identification of customers as well as of the devices. Resellers have also the obligation to inform their customer about the usage conditions.

Regarding type approval, the new regulation does not explicitly mention if SRD requires type approval or exempted. Realtime contacted Authority and confirmed that type approval is mandatory and explicitly required by the Telecom Act.

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Egypt – TRA updates list of Accredited Bodies

NTRA published a new version of accredited labs late october 2018. In this version, they classified labs in two categories:
– Group A: Labs that are authorized to issue VoC and PVoC as well as test reports for communication equipments
– Group B: Labs that are authorized to issue test reports for communications reports
VoC and PVoC are required in few cases for devices that are made in China or India by manufacturers with no 17025 accredition or in factories with no ISO9001 accredition.

New list of accredited labs can be found here

Ethiopia: MCIT change name

The Ethiopian MCIT (Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) is responsible for issuing type approval for telecom and radio products. It has  merged with Ministry of science & technology have merged as one and named “Ministry of Innovation & Technology” 

The government is also working to establish new independent Regulatory authority.
Until then, there is no any impact on type approval process in the short term 
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