Qatar: Public Consultation on Class License for Short Range Devices – Version No. (4)

Qatar CRA is updating the version (N°3) of Class License for Short Range Devices which is effective since April 17th 2018.

The draft of version 4 has been published on CRA website on Feb 17th 2021.

All stakeholders are welcomed to provide their views and comments in response to the content in this consultation. Comments should be submitted by email no later than March 11, 2021 to ( or

Algeria: Short Range regulation published

Decree n° 21-43 du 3 Joumada Ethania 1442 (january 17th 2021) introduces the list of frequency bands allowed in Algeria.

Equipements like 77GHz radars, Immobilizers, SRD 433MHz, RFID 13.56MHz are now subject to ANF approval before their entry into the Algerian market

Realtime obtained to date more than hundred of certificates from ANF Algeria and will be happy to assist you to get your products approved

Egypt: Guidelines for using short range devices (SRD) in Egypt

On Dec 25th, NTRA published the Short Range devices Guidelines.

The guidelines describes the terms and conditions for usage of unlicensed spectrum by short range devices. The guidelines also list the different frequency bands allowed for use by SRDs in Egypt

Previous information on SRDs used to be listed on the website itself. It is the first time NTRA issues a guideline for SRDs