Oman: Consultation on the Use of the 6 GHz Frequency Band for Wi-Fi Technology

TRA is calling for comment on the intent to make the lower part of the frequency band 6 GHz (5925-6425 MHz) available for WiFi and other RLAN devices on license-exempt basis.

The comment window will close within 5 weeks from the date of publication of the consultation document (March 30th 2021)

Qatar CRA calls for comments on WIFI 6E

CRA is calling for comments regarding its intent to make available spectrum in the 5925-7125 MHz band for use of RLAN devices (WIFI 6E)

Interested parties have the opportunity to submit their views and comments on the consultation document.

Comments should be submitted by email no later than April 8, 2021 to The subject reference in the email should be stated as “Class License for the use of RLAN devices over 5925-7125 MHz band (Wi-Fi 6)”

Zambia ZICTA calls for comment on new Type approval regulation

ZICTA published on its website a draft regulation and called stakeholder to comment before April 30th.

The proposed regulation mentions clearly of the possibility of family approval and introduces major change on labelling which will be required on the product, the packaging and the user manuel.

The draft regulation also list applicable standards covering communications equipments subject to approval

Please feel free to inquire if any need .