Kenya: Review of VoIP Guidelines

In a bid to stimulate innovation, enhance competition, offer consumers a range of telecommunication service choices, the Authority has reviewed its existing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) guidelines developed in the year 2005.

CA of Kenya calls for comment on the proposed new Guidelines on or before April 9th

Morocco IMANOR Launches survey for ICT standards adoption

Imanor informed the public on March 1st that its Standardization Commission N°CN 0044 is working on the adoption of the following standards as Moroccan Standards:

PNM ISO/IEC 2382, PNM ISO 18014-4, PNM ISO/IEC 14651, PNM ISO/IEC/IEEE 26511, PNM ISO/IEC 25051, PNM ISO/IEC 33001, PNM ISO/IEC 33002, PNM ISO/IEC 33003, PNM ISO/IEC 33004,PNM ISO/IEC 33020, PNM ISO/IEC TS 33030, PNM ISO/IEC 15504-5, PNM ISO/IEC TS 33074,33060,PNM ISO/IEC TS, PNM ISO/IEC 19752, PNM ISO/IEC 19758

As part of the adoption process, the commission is launching a public survey that ends on April 1st. Parties interested to participate to the survey can contact the person in charge

Saudi Arabia: Updated Technical Specifications Public Consultation

CITC announced on its website that it is intending to modernize the technical specifications for communication and information technology devices.

The list of specifications subject to review has been published on the CITC website and comments can be sent until April 5th 2021 by one of the following means:

·         By email to:

·         Hand-delivered (paper and electronic) at CITC premises or by mail to:

Communications and Information Technology Commission
Al-Nakheel District
Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz I S treet intersection with Imam Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Road
PO Box 75606, Riyadh 11588

Saudi Arabia​

Qatar CRA calls for comments on WIFI 6E

CRA is calling for comments regarding its intent to make available spectrum in the 5925-7125 MHz band for use of RLAN devices (WIFI 6E)

Interested parties have the opportunity to submit their views and comments on the consultation document.

Comments should be submitted by email no later than April 8, 2021 to The subject reference in the email should be stated as “Class License for the use of RLAN devices over 5925-7125 MHz band (Wi-Fi 6)”

Qatar: Public Consultation on Class License for Short Range Devices – Version No. (4)

Qatar CRA is updating the version (N°3) of Class License for Short Range Devices which is effective since April 17th 2018.

The draft of version 4 has been published on CRA website on Feb 17th 2021.

All stakeholders are welcomed to provide their views and comments in response to the content in this consultation. Comments should be submitted by email no later than March 11, 2021 to ( or