Saudi Arabia – CITC publishes preliminary public consultation on Spectrum Auction 2021

CITC Saudi Arabia is preparing a spectrum auction in the second half of 2021 which will include spectrum in the following bands: • 600 MHz FDD; • 700 MHz FDD (723 - 733 / 778 - 788 MHz); • 700 MHz SDL; • 1980 - 2010 / 2170 - 2200 MHz FDD; and • 3800-4000 MHz TDD. • 2x5 MHz each in the 410 - 430 MHz and 450 - 470 MH The purpose of this preliminary consultation is to obtain initial views from the industry on key topics that will help shape our thinking on the design of the award. The closing date for this consultation is July 8th 2021

Tanzania: M2M Guidelines

On 8 august 2019, TCRA published Guidelines for usage of M2M communications. As per this guidelines:

1- eSim devices are allowed but require pre-approval from the Authority

2- New numbering plan for M2M devices

3- Registred Company or instituition in Tanzania are eligible to be assigned those numbers provided it is duly licensed as Application Services provider

4- Companies can also opt to acquire the numbers from Mobile operators

Link to those guidelines are on this link

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Saudi Arabia CICT Publishes MVNO and IoT-VNO licensing terms

On 31th of October 2018, CICT published on their website the licensing terms for MVNO and IoT-VNO.

“The terms and conditions of the IoT-VNO license indicate the eligibility of licensees to obtain Class A license to provide the services of the Virtual Internet Operator,  confirming that this license is an extension of its efforts to keep up The latest global technologies and the development of the telecommunications market, the development of the telecommunications market and opening up the field while stimulating new companies to invest in the market” Says CITC on their website…

The documents are in arabic, English version is not yet available.  However, send us a request and we will send you the english version when it becomes available. (info at

License terms for MVNO and IoT-VNO

Click to access PL-SP-021-A-MVNO.pdf

Application process

Click to access PL-LD-041-A-Iot-VNO.pdf