Jordan TRC issues RLAN guidelines (Including WIFI 6E)

After issuing a draft in October 2021, TRC issued the final RLAN regulation on April 13th 2022.

The new regulation confirms the following bands as allowed:

2400-2483.5 MHz , 100 mW , Indoor & Outdoor

5150-5350 MHz, 200 mW , Indoor & Outdoor

5470-5725 MHz, 1W , Indoor Only

5725-5875MHz , 200mW Indoor only

5925-6425 MHz 200mW Indoor, 25mW Outdoor

57-71 GHz – TRC has allowed this band to be used with 40 dBm Max EIRP provided that TX power shall not exceed 27 dBm.

A copy of the regulation can be downloaded from our Knowledge Center

Qatar CRA issues a new Frequency Plan

Qatar CRA issued a new edition of the National Frequency Allocations and special assignements. These new edition comes with a summary of assignement for Telecommunication services like Maritime service, Broadcast; Mobile, Short Range devices….etc…

The edition Feb 2022 can be downloaded from our knowledge Center

South Africa: Consultation on frequency migration IMT

In order to determine the current usage of certain bands and to insure sufficient spectrum is reserved for other broadband and IMT services, ICASA launched on Sept 30th 2021 a call for comment.

The consultation document can be found here

Comments can be received up to December 3rd