South Africa: Invitation to bid for IMT spectrum

By legal notice N°717 of 2021, ICASA announced on Dec 10th the opening of the auction process for the application for the following bands: 703 – 790 MHz (“IMT700”), 790 – 862 MHz (“IMT800”), 2500 -2690MHz (“IMT2600”), and 3400 – 3600 MHz (“IMT3500”)

Interested persons can submit their applications no later than January 31st 2022

Nigeria NCC says 5G auction to start on December 13th

NCC announced that the 5G auction in the 3.5GHz band will be launched on December 13th 2021. The announcement was made during a forum organized with stakeholders

Few weeks ago, NCC called for comments on the Info Memo that provides information, conditions, obligations, financial implication, timelines and other necessary details on the planned 3.5Ghz spectrum auction.