Jordan, TRC released a draft regulation on RLAN bands (including WIFI 6E)

After showing interest, in December 2020, in allowing 6GHz bands for WIFI 6E, On October 12th 2021, TRC published a final draft (Arabic only) of the proposed RLAN regulation and gives 30 days to stakeholders to comment.

Here are the proposed changes

Current Regulation Proposed bands
2400-2483.5MHz, 100mW
5150-5250MHz 200mW
5725-5875MHz , 200mW Indoor only,
2400-2483.5MHz, 100mW
5150-5350MHz 200mW
5470-5725MHz 1 W, TPC mandatory
5725-5875MHz , 200mW Indoor only,
5925-6425 MHz (200mW Indoor Only, 25mW Outdoor/Indoor)

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