Afghanistan ATRA issues Type approval regulation (update)

(This post was initially published on May 13th 2021. This is an update on June 29th 2021.

Realtime just received certificates processed under the new regulation. During interaction with the authority, Realtime was informed that only Standard type approval is currently opened for submission.. (i.e The simplified Type approval is on hold)

Here is the original post

On April 18th 2021, ATRA publishes a new type approval regulation. here are the main points

There are two possible schemes: simplified and standards

Simplified Type approval
Simplified is for products that already received certification from recognized National authorities or Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB). A list of recognized entities is annexed to the regulation
Within the simplified process, only proof of certification is requested with minimal documentation.
Standard type approval

Products that cannot satisfy the requirement of Simplified process, go through the standard one. A more extensive review of the documentation, Test reports from accredited and recognized labs, manual…A list of recognized test labs is also annexed to the regulation
This is the standard process we are used to in most of the countries of the region

Labelling requirements

For products that get certified through the simplified process, they can affix the mark of the country or the  region where the certificate was obtained.

For the ones that go through the standard process, products can use e-label or affix on the product the following label:


If it is not possible to affix the label by etching or by software, Importers can buy self adhesive labels from ATRA. Here is a template of the ATRA label:

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