Indonesia: Announcement of BBPPT Telecommunication Equipment and Equipment Testing Sample


No 265/BBPPT.31/SP.04.06/2/2018

Based on Article 16 paragraph (1) and (2) Permenkominfo no 18 of 2014 on Certification of Telecommunication Equipment and Equipment which reads:

(1) “The test sample of telecommunication equipment and apparatus as referred to in Article 13 paragraph (1) letter c which has been tested shall be taken back by the applicant within 30 (thirty) calendar days since the issuance of certificate”

(2) “If within 30 (thirty) calendar days as referred to in paragraph (1) is not taken by the applicant, the test sample shall not be the responsibility of the Testing Hall and may be destroyed”

In relation to the foregoing, we hereby convey to the applicant the testing of telecommunication equipment in the Central Telecommunication Equipment Testing Center (BBPPT) to immediately take the test sample no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days after the Result of Test Result Report (LHU). A test sample not taken after a period of time is not the responsibility of BBPPT. BBPPT is also not responsible for damage to test samples that occurred during the testing process took place.

Bekasi, February 5, 2018

Head of Telecommunication Equipment Testing Center

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