Morocco IMANOR Launches survey for ICT standards adoption

Imanor informed the public on March 1st that its Standardization Commission N°CN 0044 is working on the adoption of the following standards as Moroccan Standards:

PNM ISO/IEC 2382, PNM ISO 18014-4, PNM ISO/IEC 14651, PNM ISO/IEC/IEEE 26511, PNM ISO/IEC 25051, PNM ISO/IEC 33001, PNM ISO/IEC 33002, PNM ISO/IEC 33003, PNM ISO/IEC 33004,PNM ISO/IEC 33020, PNM ISO/IEC TS 33030, PNM ISO/IEC 15504-5, PNM ISO/IEC TS 33074,33060,PNM ISO/IEC TS, PNM ISO/IEC 19752, PNM ISO/IEC 19758

As part of the adoption process, the commission is launching a public survey that ends on April 1st. Parties interested to participate to the survey can contact the person in charge

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