Jordan TRC issues RLAN guidelines (Including WIFI 6E)

After issuing a draft in October 2021, TRC issued the final RLAN regulation on April 13th 2022.

The new regulation confirms the following bands as allowed:

2400-2483.5 MHz , 100 mW , Indoor & Outdoor

5150-5350 MHz, 200 mW , Indoor & Outdoor

5470-5725 MHz, 1W , Indoor Only

5725-5875MHz , 200mW Indoor only

5925-6425 MHz 200mW Indoor, 25mW Outdoor

57-71 GHz – TRC has allowed this band to be used with 40 dBm Max EIRP provided that TX power shall not exceed 27 dBm.

A copy of the regulation can be downloaded from our Knowledge Center

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