End of Year Holidays 2022

Authority Status Concerned dates
POTRAZ – ZimbabweClosed Dec 21st 2022- Jan 3rd 2023
ZICTA – Zambia ClosedDec 28th 2022 – Jan 2nd 2023
NCC – Nigeria ClosedDec 24th 2022- Dec 26th 2022, Dec 31st 2022 and Jan 1st 2023
NCA – Ghana Skeleton Staff Dec 24th, 2022- Jan 2nd, 2023
UCC – UgandaClosedDec 24th 2022 – Jan 4th 2023
CRAN – NamibiaSkeleton Staff Dec 27th 2022 – Jan 8th 2023
BOCRA – Botswana ClosedDec 21st 2022 – Jan 4th, 2023
ICASA – South Africa Closed Dec 16th 2022 – Jan 2nd 2023
CAK – KenyaClosed Dec 19th, 2022 – Jan 3rd 2023
ORTEL – Guinea Equatorial Closed Dec 24th – Dec 26th, Dec 30th 2022 – Jan 1st 2023

Tanzania calls for comment on the draft technical specification for IoT devices

(Update November 19th 2021, TCRA just published the final version of the guidelines. you can find it on their website)

The following post was first published on October 23rd

TCRA published their first version of the draft technical specification for IoT devices (UE or BS) which employ NB-IoT Category NB1 and/or M1 rel 13 onwards.

The draft specification states the RF, EMC, SAR, Safety standards for conformity assessment as well as applicable bands within which the devices shall operate:

The draft can be found on the authority website. Interested parties can send their comments before Oct 31st 2021

Uganda – UCC warns against the use of Network repeaters “Boosters” due to interference

UCC warned through, a public notice published on July 26th, against the unauthorized used of boosters on mobile networks and their effect on the quality of service.

UCC also informs that it will take enforcement actions starting on August 1st 2021.

South Africa ICASA issues a draft National Frequency plan

ICASA issued on July 10th a draft for comment of the National Frequency Plan.

The daft takes into consideration WRC19 resolution

Interested parties can send comments Aug 27th 2021. A public hearing will be held from 7 to 9 September.

The document can be found on ICASA website