Kuwait CITRA: New TA regulation published,

CITRA published a new regulation (arabic only) for type approval.. Main changes:

1- Approval validity increased to 3 years from 1 year

2- Approval ID is maintained unchanged in case of renewal

3- Renewal application needs to start not before 3 months before expiry and no more than 20 days after expiry. If no application is received within these limits, the certificate will be cancelled

There is no transition period but Realtime ongoing applications are receiving a one year only validity.

We are still interacting with the authority to check the applicability of other provisions and will update as soon as possible on our finding

Guinea Coup, Impact on Ongoing Applications

A military group seized power in Guinea on Sunday Sept 6th, detained the President of the Republic and announced the suspension of the political institutions. Realtime verified that administrative institutions like ARPT, customs… are not suspended and it is believed they will return back to normal work shortly.

We will contact customers with ongoing applications if we get specific information

SAUDI ARABIA: CITC Launched a call for comment on Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

CITC is developing a Regulation under the Telecommunications Act entitled “Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)”. The Regulation establishes minimum requirements for the protection of the public and workers from risks to their health arising or likely to arise from their exposure to RF fields in the frequency range 8.3 KHz to 300 GHz.

Participants wishing to present their comments in this Public Consultation must submit these in writing to CITC no later than Sep 01, 2021.