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COVID-19 Regulatory Impacts

Update March 26th

  • NCC Nigeria is taking measures to limit staff to strict minimum. While NCC has an online service for type approval submissions. However,  the internal process still relies on manual exchanges between departments. We expect a slow down of the process. 
  • LCA Lesotho announced the scale down of operations. While works continue by means of electronic communications, we expect a longer Leadtime
  • IRAQ curfew is extended in Baghdad up to 28th March. No work at home is reported.
  • Zimbabwe Potraz started work from home on March 26th. Realtime expects a longer leadtime
  • Zambia ZICTA activated  work from home. Realtime does not expect any disruption
  • Yemen MTIT is closed over covid-19 spread. MTIT takes this chance to review the process. It is expected they come with a new procedure by mid April
  • Libya Authority is working with limited staff two days per week only. Delays are expected

Update March 25th

  • Algeria ARPCE is considered shutdown. Realtime will update with information on the day they may resume. ANF staff is still working and even delivered certificates to Realtime yesterday
  • Tunisia CERT is shutdown now and samples stuck at customs as they only clear products in relation with the pandemic 
  • For Niger, there is 2 weeks impact on leadtime as main persons in charge of type approval are confined at home for 14 days as they just returned from abroad.

Update March 24th

  • Gabon Arcep reduced working hours to 4 per day and staff is organized in two shifts. We expect the process to slow down and lead time to go up. We don’t expect ARCEP Gabon to work from home if situation worsen, so we recommend that you anticipate on all renewals

Update March 23th

  • Both countries decided total confinement measures over the weekend (March 21st). 
  • Rwanda offers online services and reviewers are able to work from home. Service is expected to continue with no delay
  •   Tunisia customs are giving priority to equipments related to the pandemic. So, Samples sent to Tunisia will get stuck for a certain time. Also, CERT is not  functioning  on limited resources (2 persons) for urgent cases only. Ongoing applications will be delayed. 

Update March 20th

·  South Africa’s ICASA reviewed  on March 18th, the way it conducts its business amidst the spread of the virus. 
“All applications and equipment that accompany applications for type approval will not be accepted from individuals. Applicants are therefore requested not to send any equipment to ICASA, when the need arises for equipment to be submitted, the applicant will be informed by an ICASA official to submit. “
Realtime’s applications not involving samples are not suffering any delay for the moment 

·  Morocco is imposing a State of Emergency  starting Friday March 20th at 11 pm. Mobility will be reduced to the minimum necessary. ANRT reviewers were  set to work from home since March 19th. Realtime  foresees  nearly no disruption of the ANRT service for the moment

·  Algeria announced on Thursday March 19th a set of new measures, including suspending transportation, and ordering to 50% of the employees of non vital fields to no to go for work. It is uncertain that ARPCE and ANF reviewers will be able to work from home for the next two weeks. Realtime will update on Algeria on Sunday March 22nd. 

Update March 19th

  • Egypt NTRA announced continuity of its operations and measures taken to cope with the spread of the virus. No disruption of service is reported. Link to NTRA website 
  • Saudi CITC moved 3 days ago to remote work. No disruption of service is expected

Update March 18th

  • CITRA Kuwait to remain closed until 26th of March. No work is done remotely
  • Lebanon Government Institutions shutdown from March 17th  until  March 26th. No remote work is expected.
  • ANRT Morocco is preparing to  move to remote work starting Monday March 23rd. We expect a small  impact for a week or so as they adapt to new situation.  
  • IRAQI Government imposed a curfew up to March 23rd, 11 pm. No remote work is expected. 
  • Jordan is imposing curfew on march 17th , expected to last at least 2 weeks. The State of Emergency decree does not rule remote work but TRC officials say they will start working remotely starting Sunday 22nd