Ivory Coast: 76-77GHz is now opened for Vehicle Radars

On June 7th, AIGF (The frequency Management Agency) informed ARTCI that the band 76-77GHz is assigned for 76-77GHz and it can be allowed for radars

As a consequence of this assignation, ARTCI can approve devices in this band.

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Nigeria NCC: New opinion on type of Samples

In June 2021, NCC informed stakeholders having interests in Type approval that it will no longer accept non-commercial grade of samples of any equipment submitted for Type Approval especially for notebooks/tablets and phones.

From now and on, Samples accompanying the Type approval application should be as sold on the market

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CERT Tunisia : Call for tenders for the supply, installation & implementation of a semi anechoic chamber for tests at three meters SAC 3

Many of our customers may be interested to know that the Tunisian Authority is intending to acquire more equipments for EMC testing

CERT Tunisia already has a 10 m SAC that was put in place in collaboration with ITU with funds from UE and offers testing services to local industries.

Also CERT lab gained its ISO 17025 accreditation several months ago..

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CITC Saudi Arabia : Public Consultation on “Radio Spectrum Allocation and Use Regulation for WLAN Applications”.

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) ISSUED  a public consultation on ​“Radio Spectrum Allocation and Use Regulation for WLAN Applications”. The document proposes updates to the current usage conditions in license exempt and light licensing modes for all the following bands  WLAN bands
  • 2400-2483.5MHz
  • 5150-5350 MHz
  • 5470-5725 MHz
  • 5725-5875MHz
  • 5925-7125 MHz
  • 57-71 GHz
​Views/comments can be submitted before July 8th to one or more of the following addresses:
▪ By email to (Spectrum.Strategy@citc.gov.sa). ▪ Hand-delivered (paper and​ electronic) at the CITC premises. ▪ By mail (paper copy and electronic) to the following postal address: Communications and Information Technology Commission, Al-Nakheel District- Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz I Street intersection with Imam Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Road, PO Box 75606, Riyadh 11588, Saudi Arabia. ​