Equatorial Guinea ORTEL changes the validity of its type approval certificate

Realtime received the information that the validity of the certificates is changing from 3 years to 2 years only.

There is no official announcement from the authority about this change but new certificates are issued with a clear mention of the new validity period

Saudi Arabia CITC updates the list of the technical specifications

CICT previously called for comments on the new drafts of the technical specifications on March 3rd 2021.

On July 10th, CITC finalized the consultation process by publishing the the list of new valid technical specifications.

The list of current CITC specification can be found on the authority website

Egypt NTRA updates SRD Guidelines and National Frequency Plan

June 2021, NTRA updated the SRD Guidelines to version 2.0.

The difference with older edition is the merge of table 4 (Wideband data tansmission) and Table 13 (Wifi) into one single table.

The update guidelines can be found the authority website

Beside the SRD Guidelines, NTRA updated the national frequency plan inline with the lastest resolution of WRC19. The NFP can be found on the authority website as well.

Lesotho LCA to shutdown for 10 days

LCA announced on July 15th that due to confirmed covid-19 cases, it resolved to shutdown the offices from 15 to 25 July 2021.

All services will be handled through the online systems. Please liaise with our project managers for the impact on your particular project.

you can find the announcement on the authority website

South Africa ICASA issues a draft National Frequency plan

ICASA issued on July 10th a draft for comment of the National Frequency Plan.

The daft takes into consideration WRC19 resolution

Interested parties can send comments Aug 27th 2021. A public hearing will be held from 7 to 9 September.

The document can be found on ICASA website