Jordan TRC issues eSIM regulation

TRC issued a regulation on eSIM  on November 11th 2019.
  1.  All devices that have electronic remote programmable chipset eSIM will be used in Jordan must :
  • Be programmed by licensed local telecommunications network operators in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • The profiles data shall be uploaded to these devices by the licensed local telecommunications network operators. Otherwise, these devices shall lose their connection with the Jordanian telecommunications networks within a maximum period of 90 days.
  • All systems and storage units, including equipment and other software related to eSIM must be approved in accordance with GSMA criteria for remote programmable SIM technology infrastructure
  •  All data and records related to the integrated electronic segments eSIM must be contained within the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan only

2- The eSIM equipment to be used and sold in Jordan must be:

a-      Interoperable and compatible with GSMA OTA specifications

b-      Complies with GSMA SAS and ISO 27001 standard requirements and security standards.

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Algeria ANF Ready to take SRD applications

On November 5th 2019,  ANF (Frequency Management Agency) published The Type Approval procedure for devices under their scope.
As Realtime expected, the regulation is inspired by former ARPCE process and enters into effect on October 31th 2019 Here are the parameters of ANF Process
1- CE File
2-  Originals letters (DoC, Delocalisation letter, Authority Letter)
3- One Sample.
Authority fees are much higher than what ARPCE used to charge (can reach up to 4 times ARPCE fees)
Type of Sample
We still have no information about what testing type ANF will conduct.

However, we already have applications to submit with functional samples, the applications will be submitted soon and we will update you about their reaction and feedback to the samples provided.
ANF commits on a 2 months leadtime. We are not confident they will deliver within this time frame. We recommend to plan for a 3 months leadtime at least in the first 6 months
Certificates are valid for 3 to 5 years depending on the type of equipments. Further Details are still to come on what is the exact validity for SRD device. We will update you once  we have confirmed information.
Labelling requirements
The regulation requires labelling. Approved devices should be labelled with “Agréé ANF XXXXXX” where XXXXX is the  ID of the approval. However, we still don’t know yet if  this provision will be enforced.
Is ANF 100% Ready Now?
The publication of the process means that Realtime can submit applications. However, we are still missing the SRD regulation that publishes the list of bands. In algeria, National Frequency Plan is considered as a confidential document and has never been published. So, we expect that they will accept most of the devices that are CE compliant but we will only be sure after we apply.
Where to find the Type Approval regulation 
The link to the full regulation is as follows :

decision ANF DECISION N° 7115 du 31 octobre 2019

Please feel free to get in touch with your account manager for more information


Togo ARTP  issues a new SRD regulation

Togo ARTP published on 14 October an SRD regulation. The new regulation lists many news bands that use to generate multiple inquiries from our customers. We cite:

  • Wireless chargers can now go beyond 148.5KHz
  • More bands for Radars  76-77 GHz,  as well as 77-81GHz…
  • Wigig is now allowed.
  • More RFID bands…

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Algeria ARPCE issues new Type Approval Regulation

On October 16th, ARPCE Board approved a new Type Approval Regulation. It was published on ARPCE website on October 18th.
Each new ARPCE regulation comes with new type of challenges. This time challenges are:
1- Certificate of Origin is a new requirement. This come as a replacement of the Delocalisation Letter where Manufacturer used to state Country of Manufacturer.

2- There is no renewal process. Renewal applications are considered as new applications
3- Certificates of Conformity issued by accredited labs are new requirements. Labs accreditation certificates needed as well.
4- Test reports older ²than 3 years can be accepted if manufacturer signs a statement that the equipment is not discontinued.

The regulation comes with two improvements:
1- Original DoC can be replaced  with an electronically signed DoC
2- Validity is 3 years instead of 2 years
3- ARPCE will not require Test reports if they have them in their possession from older projects. ARPCE will disclose list of what they possess on their website.

Here is the full text of the new regulation.
Customers with pending applications will be contacted by their account manager with an evaluation of each project. As Always Please feel free to inquire if any need

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